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Head Trip the movie-Doggie Diner Roadtrip- SF to NYC –

Just as the bombs started falling on Baghdad in early 2003, some of San Francisco most eccentric performers and whimsical characters (Bishop Joey/Ed Holmes, Steven Raspa, Blake More, Jarico Reese, etc.) set out for New York City accompanied by three ten foot tall, three hundred pound fiberglas Dachshund Heads. Careening across America, the crew visits the Grand Canyon, Graceland, the Gateway Arch, Mt. Rushmore, the Washington Monument and many other celebrated roadside attractions along the way. Hauled in tow behind the SF Cyclecide Bike Rodeo’s 1966 Gillig Autobus, the Doggies encounter the spirit of America during a confusing period. Roadside encounters with citizens and rendezvous with eccentric artist comrades through out the “Middle” States are the heart of this journey.

Head Trip, A Doggie Diner Dog Head Cross-Country Documentary – trailer

Trailer for the feature length film by Flecher Fleudujon & John Law.

HEAD TRIP. 2008 78min.

Chuck Cirino’s Weird TV – Car Hunt

Chuck Cirino (Weird America / Weird TV)

Chuck Cirino’s Weird TV

Chuck Cirino is an action/exploitation movie director, producer, movie musical score composer, and a (largely unheralded) early pioneer and originator of the concept of “Reality TV.” Chuck was made the first in depth feature Burning Man Video in 1994 (to be available online soon). Chuck filmed many mid-90’s Cacophony events for his TV show and filmed Affiliated groups such as People HaterSeemen and the like.

Weird America’s San Francisco SantaCon 1995 Video


SRL Video Pier 70 “Doom” Show in San Francisco

Survival Research Labs, founded in 1978 by Mark Pauline, Eric Werner and Matt Heckert was the group that most directly and profoundly initiated the entire genre of modern machine art. Every battle-bot, junkyard war, exploding machine event and mechanical myth-busting sound bite owes this protean group and it’s grinning avatar Mark Pauline a tip O’ the hat. In the mid-90’s there was a lot of cross-over between SRL and Cacophony.

This is just one of many SRL shows one can enjoy via YouTube.