Desert Siteworks

This event was conceived of by William Binzen, assisted by Judy West and John Law, with the tactical support of the SF Cacophony Society and over fifteen individual artists. Taking place during Summer Solstice three years running, DSW conceived, crafted and implemented a philosophy of collaborative art as life. A huge area around Trego Hot Springs that had been a material storage for the railroad was repurposed (with the express intent of returning the area to its original condition) into a colossal art canvas containing over twenty earthworks and surface installations. Rituals, performances (for the participants only – there was no audience) and ongoing fabrication and modification of large-scale installations went on for ten days. These sessions in 1992 at Black Rock Springs, 1993 at Trego and 1994 at Frog Pond Springs at Garett Ranch pioneered the “Intentional Community” philosophy that informs and inspires the best components and participants of the Burning Man Festival to this day.