Doug “Puzzling Evidence” Wellman Videos

Doug Wellman (Puzzling Evidence)

The following videos were shot by Doug “Puzzling Evidence” Wellman.

Doug is a West Coast Subgenius potentate, and along with erstwhile Suicide Club member and Subgenius Oracle Dr. Hal Robins and Subgenius co-founder Dr. Philo Drummond, hosts the Puzzling Evidence Radio Show on venerable Berkeley lefty station KPFA. David Byrne of Talking Heads enchanted by the Puzzling Evidence name even used it as as the basis for a song.

Doug, an avid videographer from the earliest days of Beta and VHS video, began shooting Cacophony, Burning Man and related events and organizations in 1994. His video and film work goes back to his days as a cadet in the US Naval Academy andsubsequent filming of various hi-jinx during his tours of duty in Viet Nam where he sacrificed his youth so that you and I could eat donuts and smoke pot in the safety and comfort of the most slack filled culture in history.

Doug’s extensive video compendium is surely one of the most disturbing ever compiled.

Puzzling Evidence TV links:

This was one of the last Cacophony group climbs to the top of the Bay Bridge.

The ill-fated “Martini 8” climb on December 31st, 1999 was the very last.

Chad Mulligan collected 500 TV’s with the help of Melmoth and M2. Then, he and 800 of his closest friends smashed, blew-up, eviscerated, skewered, drove through, stomped and generally beat the living crap out of those TV’s

The 5th annual “official” SantaCon. By this year, the “meme’ of this event had, for better or worse, taken off, escaping the mad-hatter clutch of Cacophony. Rev. Al and his Los Angeles crew added many unique and amusing SoCal twists to this already sorta tired annual event. Chief among them was the human wave “Santa Beduin” attack over the sand dunes of the Iron Pit” on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Look for it in the video.

A slide show and in-depth report on scaling big bridges.