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Sat. Apr 8th Carrie Galbraith @ Last Festival in San Jose

Free to Attend! 14:25-15:00 Saturday April 8th @ San Jose State
A panel discussion on the influence of underground cultu
re on Silicon Valley and tech development. 

Hammer Theater (101 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95113)

Silicon Valley and the Bay Area Counterculture

Why did Silicon Valley “happen” here instead of New York or London? What was special about the Bay Area that the rest of the world didn’t have? Where does Creativity come from?

The L.A.S.T. (Life Art Science Technology) festival celebrates the confluence of art with the new media technologies and nascent sciences that are transforming sociality and experience in the 21st century.

Panelist Include:

Carrie Galbraith was one of the main organizers of the Cacophony Society and pioneered the “zone trip” concept, borrowing the concept from the films of Andrey Tarkovsky and the novels of Thomas Pynchon. The most famous Zone Trip was the first Burning Man that took place at the Black Rock Desert in 1990.

Tenaya Hurst is the education accounts manager for Arduino (a key factor in the open-source movement, the Makers movement and the Internet of Things), and she is the CEO of Rogue Making that specializes in wearable technology.

Andrey Tarkovsky and the novels of Thomas Pynchon. The most famous Zone Trip was the first Burning Man that took place at the Black Rock Desert in 1990.

Daniel Kottke was a college friend of Steve Jobs and one of the first employees of Apple.

Piero Scaruffi, founder of the LAST Festival, is a cultural historian who has written both “A History of Silicon Valley” and “A History of Rock Music”.

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Tales of SF Cacophony Society coverA template for pranksters, artists, adventurers and anyone interested in rampant creativity, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society is the history of the most influential underground cabal you’ve never heard of.

Rising from the ashes of the mysterious and legendary Suicide Club, the Cacophony Society, at its zenith, hosted chapters in over a dozen major cities, and influenced much of what was once called the underground. The Cacophony Society’s epic exploits radically changed the way people live and play in the world. The group inspired Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Cluband Burning Man and helped start pop culture trends including flash mobs, urban exploration, and culture jamming. A large-format, full-color, hardbound homage to this protean group, Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society is packed with original art, never before published photographs, original documents and incredulous news accounts.

From Fight Club to Burning Man, Flash Mobs to Santarchy cacophony influenced everything subversive, playful and anti-authoritarian in popular culture over the last 20 years – this is the great, untold story of the 1980s and ’90s.

“Before the Internet vomited headlines by the millisecond and turned the minutia of a million boring Facebook lives into news, we were left the privilege of mystery.
This was something The San Francisco Cacophony Society gave me in spades. Over the years, I would catch glimpses, collect pieces of a puzzle I was slowly assembling—a car crushed flat by an earthquake miraculously tooling down Golden Gate, toasters glued to buildings, news-clips of mock protests and costumed impostors, flyers for strange art spectacles.
Now the puzzle is assembled in this gorgeous graphic collection, a book every lover of eccentricity and enemy of the status quo should enjoy.” – Margaret Cho

Otherzine: “Cacophonies Now!”: Interview with Carrie Galbraith and John Law

Read it now….

Listen now:

This interview took place in Oakland, CA, November 20, 2017 with John Law, Carrie Galbraith, David Cox, and Molly Hankwitz at John Law’s studio in downtown Oakland, CA.


In the days leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration and taking office as President, Molly and I visited with John Law and Carrie Galbraith in Oakland. From the neon-bedecked heights of Law’s studio in the Tribune Tower, the prospect of a Trump-led USA seemed like a rapidly approaching distant horizon-wide storm-cloud of dread and menace. Yet, within this cloud, fingers of lightening indicated a few growing threads of bright resistance; the imagination of the population which was refusing to be dominated was snapping back already with brilliant and sporadic gestures of bold and furious defiance…….

Doug “Puzzling Evidence” Wellman Videos

Doug Wellman (Puzzling Evidence)

The following videos were shot by Doug “Puzzling Evidence” Wellman.

Doug is a West Coast Subgenius potentate, and along with erstwhile Suicide Club member and Subgenius Oracle Dr. Hal Robins and Subgenius co-founder Dr. Philo Drummond, hosts the Puzzling Evidence Radio Show on venerable Berkeley lefty station KPFA. David Byrne of Talking Heads enchanted by the Puzzling Evidence name even used it as as the basis for a song.

Doug, an avid videographer from the earliest days of Beta and VHS video, began shooting Cacophony, Burning Man and related events and organizations in 1994. His video and film work goes back to his days as a cadet in the US Naval Academy andsubsequent filming of various hi-jinx during his tours of duty in Viet Nam where he sacrificed his youth so that you and I could eat donuts and smoke pot in the safety and comfort of the most slack filled culture in history.

Doug’s extensive video compendium is surely one of the most disturbing ever compiled.

Puzzling Evidence TV links:

This was one of the last Cacophony group climbs to the top of the Bay Bridge.

The ill-fated “Martini 8” climb on December 31st, 1999 was the very last.

Chad Mulligan collected 500 TV’s with the help of Melmoth and M2. Then, he and 800 of his closest friends smashed, blew-up, eviscerated, skewered, drove through, stomped and generally beat the living crap out of those TV’s

The 5th annual “official” SantaCon. By this year, the “meme’ of this event had, for better or worse, taken off, escaping the mad-hatter clutch of Cacophony. Rev. Al and his Los Angeles crew added many unique and amusing SoCal twists to this already sorta tired annual event. Chief among them was the human wave “Santa Beduin” attack over the sand dunes of the Iron Pit” on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Look for it in the video.

A slide show and in-depth report on scaling big bridges.